June 2017:  Hallelujah!  We had a honor and privilege to meet you and your son briefly at the prophetic conference last weekend! Since then we have been listening to your teachings, warren, everyday! It has been amazing for our spirit!! We are experiencing a stirring like never before and we JUST CANT GET ENOUGH!  Thank you so much for all the YouTube and Facebook posts!  We are going to order the mp3s you suggested too. We have a family of 6 children as well..19thru 5.  And we are hungry!  It is so strong upon our hearts to spend time with you.  Do you ever permit families to go to crusades with you.  we want to learn more to set captives free. We would be willing to go international as well.  Whatever it takes! God bless you … each of you. You are in our prayers!

June 2017: Dear Servant Of The Lord, It is with the grace, power and mercy of our lord Jesus Christ  to email you.My wife and i we got saved after we had been on your website.We looked at your website and suddenly I STARTED READING EVERYTHING ON YOUR WEBSITE.After i had read it i felt like something new was happening to my live personally.I felt some heat, some reality touching my life.I felt loved than before, i knew there is God who loves me.I went back to read step by step words on your website, and i told my wife we need to get saved.
After we got saved, my wife and i started evangelizing in our village to everyone we met.We started praying to people who were sick and they received instant healing.Many people experienced Miracles and signs.
In a period of one month, the LORD through my wife told her that we should start a church.We prayed over this for a period of  one month and we felt the lord instructing us to start a fellowship for HIM.We started a fellowship with 7 people in the first time. People filled our home and we took a step to lease a piece of land where we have fellowship as a church.We have been here for 7 months now and we have increased daily and we are now 80 people per our last service.
Because we were birthed from your ministry website in a miraculous way,My wife and i have decided to report back to you in this way so that you can know that your ministry website is bringing into birth and saving souls in a major way.We request you to pray for us as we had been doing.We also consider you our spiritual parents.We humbly request you to visit us in the future and see the fruits of your ministry in Kenya Africa. We love you and respect you so much.We shall be more accountable to you.
Hope to hear from you.

Your spiritual son J.



May 2016 from AMPED:  I came out to Barnett Park in May to bring my grand babies and as they went up to play on the bouncy houses I heard the man of God preaching so I decided to go hear the word and as I was worshipping Him the man of God began to speak a word of healing over my body. I had been hurting every night and morning with pain in my right side. I know that that was the power of God cause I don’t know this man of God but God healed me from all that pain that I had on the right side. I just want to say thank you man of God for being obedient to the power of God. May God continue to bless you and your family and church members. I thank God for you. -T.H.

May 2016 AMPED: I was at Amped Sat.May 28, 2016. I met Calvin Hunter through God Invasion and came to volunteer. I received healing in my hips while you gave a word of knowledge. (The lady in turquoise).,, I walked up and down stairs for the first time in a long time without pain in my hips! I have more freedom Praise God both physically and spiritually.  Thank you for the word about Creativity and asking for the exceedingly.

November 2015: I just wanted to let you both know that I received physical healing last night. I broke my toe Friday morning in our hotel room. I could see where the brown bone was pinching flesh from the inside. It wasn’t anything I was too worried about as I’ve broken toes before however it did cause pain while walking or standing. During worship last night while Alan and Michele’s team was there, I noticed it wasn’t hurting so I wiggled my toes around and I no longer had cracking and popping from the misplaced bones in that toe. Praise God! I went from having pain just walking or standing to jumping and dancing while praising the Lord. I just wanted to give that quick testimony. Thank you all so much for graciously inviting us in. We’re thankful to partner with you. -A.A.

November 2015:  Mr and Mrs Hunter, I was at your facility with Alan Leininger’s group several weeks ago (please excuse the delay in sending this as I’ve been wanting to send it since the day after we were there) and wanted to let you know that it was an absolutely life changing experience! Apostle Warren, through the Holy Spirit, knew exactly what I needed and it took my walk to the next level! I can’t begin to explain how much it blessed me to be there other than to
say my relationship with the Lord is more alive and real than it ever has been in my walk. I wanted to say THANK YOU for doing what you do and answering yalls call!
P.S. I’m believing for seed to sow in your ministry as a thank you
offering! -S.S.

August 2015: Near the end of the revival meeting N.C.  came up and told Apostle Warren Hunter that Her father was dying. Praying over her the two came in agreamnet and he spoke that he would not die. Flying out to california the very same docter who said he was about to die conformed that he would live.

April 2015 My name is O.L . In April 2015, my wife and I attended Warren Hunters conference. I was in the process of applying for a new job. During the service, Warren called out that someone was looking for a new job, and that was me. I went to the front to receive prayer from Warren. When I got back home, three days later I received a call for a job offer. I have been working there for the last 6 months and have experienced great favor. I am now in the process of working towards a promotion for management. Thank you Warren for your impartation!

April 2015  My name is R.L , and I had given birth to a baby girl on May 1st. I had developed a massive painful lump in my breast, and had a very hard time breastfeeding my newborn. I went to see Warren hunter for his birthday, and that’s when I had told him about the lump. He then began to pray for me and commanded the lump to go away. A month went by and it started to slowly decrease. My baby is now 5 months and the lump and any pain has completely left me. Thank you Jesus!