All powerful and ever present, God is unlimited in resources. He is both ready and able to fill all who call upon Him. But the question remains, how heavy is God in your own life?

Beginning with the Old Testament and continuing through the New, Apostolic Revivalist Warren Hunter explores biblical revelation on an aspect of God that is too often misunderstood: His glory.

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Sword Ministries International

The mission statement “Speaking The Truth In Revival, Piercing The Innermost Being” best describes this cutting edge ministry. With their combined compassion to reach the lost and deep desire to reveal the love and power of God in each meeting. Warren and Kayla are true revolutionaries. They have set their face like flint in pursuit of Him. It is their desire to equip His body to walk in the fullness of God by demonstrating and teaching signs and wonders decently and in order.

Warren and Kayla Hunter

Wisdom for Signs and Wonders - School

“From where does this one get these things? And what wisdom is this, which has been given this fellow? Even such great exhibitions of supernatural power take place through the medium of His hands.”

– Mark 6:26 (Kenneth Wuest Expanded New Testament)

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Warren and Kayla Hunter

Whether it has been a quest for the lost through crusades or ministering one on one, their passion to see lives changed by the love and power of God has continued to grow. Regardless of where the Lord has led them, they have been true examples to His body of what Jesus told us to do by laying down our lives and picking up our cross daily. Warren and Kayla, by the power of the Holy Spirit, have conducted many long standing revivals throughout the United States, Mauritius, South Africa, France, Russia, Austrailia, Brazil,Nigeria and other parts of the world.

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